“It’s a thrill to watch this musical cyborg at work, as he literally fires on all cylinders and pulls levers like an executioner.”National Public Radio

“Traces of doom, dubstep, industrial, noise, and honest-to-goodness pop show up within Shone’s best songs. His music is immediate but mysterious, a chimera that’s recognizable but strange.”Pitchfork

“…a powerful and chilling piece of music…”Metal Injection

“..extremely loud, bass-heavy, powerful and industrial, calling to mind Godflesh-gone-‘roidal.”MetalSucks on the A&P live experience

“Women & Children is a record that wants to hurt you and never stops probing your psyche for a weak spot.”Exclaim

“Shone’s apocalyptic noise blends elements of industrial, doom, and dubstep, and contorts that mass into some chilling, unrecognizable form…”Stereogum