Rotary Encoder

Entitled Rotary Encoder, this device is a rotary pitch controller. A very simple device, the Rotary Encoder contains a quadrature rotary encoder on the shaft of the disc that reads the position, direction and velocity. The default output mode controls the pitch of two notes, one for each direction, where the velocity of the disc corresponds to note pitch. The configuration is reprogrammable, so that position can control pitch, or different directions can have different start points or control different parameters (oscillation frequency, resonance, panning, etc The focus with this device lies in the rotational inertia of the disc in relation to human strength, so that the change in direction and acceleration of the wheel is not a trivial exercise. In addition, strong emphasis was placeed on precision machining and a high quality thrust bearing, to assure perfectly smooth rotation of the 300 lb disc.For detailed specifications and further Drone Machines information see: Drone Machines Catalog.pdf

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