Rack and Pinion

This device is a 2 level, 6 key sound controller with continuous pitch control for each key. Each key is velocity sensitive and contains its own linear encoder for extremely high resolution control. The keys are made from ebony and the slide from delrin providing very smooth control against the teflon coated linear rails. The rack and pinion and dovetail design of the aluminum body allows the top layer to cascade back from the bottom layer, allowing both layers to be played at once; it also allows the two layers to stack perfectly on top of each other and pack away neatly. 2 ports on the back (3 total with the USB) provide sustain and channel switching but are completely reprogrammable to allow them to be any type of switch or expression control. This device has been the backbone of pitch and oscillation for me over the last two albums, allowing me to crank out songs like Terrorbird, Flesh Ants, Women & Children and many more. The sliding nature allows for pitches to be imperfect and dissonant, the exact sound I am after.The brain of the Rack & Pinion is the Arduino Duemilanove. Currently the device is programmed to output USB/MIDI to Ableton Live, but can easily be configured to output OSC commands to communicate with Pd, MAX, Reaktor, etc.


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