Linear Actuator

Linear Actuator is large sliding open source drum trigger. This device is made up of a weighted sliding handle and spring loaded plungers at either end to stop the handle. This device contains a linear encoder to monitor the position of the handle and a trigger switch. The default configuration or programming mode, outputs velocity and and note hit at both ends and with a trigger pull action. Different combinations of trigger with end hit output combinations and different sounds, which are all reprogrammable. The note hits can happen anywhere on the length of the slide, at intervals, or can control note pitches, oscillations, etc. The slide handle has significant linear inertia due to an all aluminum with adjustable high density steel inserts, forcing the user to work and also anticipate the hits and thus the rhythm. The weight of this instrument is what determines its sound. For detailed specifications and further Drone Machines information see: Drone Machines Catalog.pdf


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  • linear_actuator final 10x6in

    linear_actuator final 10x6in

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