The one man doom outfit that’s both man and machine, will release Melk En Honing, the outfit’s Housecore Records’ debut on June 30.

“Although the album won’t be out for a couple months, this tour is very special in that I am debuting many of the tracks. For me, the wounds are still fresh and I think that rawness seeps through physically and emotionally in the performance. This album and experience has intensified my music for me and people will feel it in their chest as I do.” said A&P mastermind Tristan Shone.

As Author & Punisher, Shone builds and manipulates machinery to create music that’s otherworldly. A recent Wired Magazine feature, citing the lack of live instruments said, “What you’ll find instead is lots and lots of actual metal — a hefty helping of aluminum, steel, and copper, to be precise.”  Shone started working on what would become Author & Punisher as part of his master’s thesis, dubbing his “instruments” the Drone Machines.  NPR said of Author & Punisher’s live performance, “It’s a thrill to watch this musical cyborg at work, as he literally fires on all cylinders and pulls levers like an executioner.”
The eight-song album was produced by Housecore Records’ Phil Anselmo, who said “Tristan Shone is the epitome of what Housecore Records stands for, and looks for in musical expression: absolute originality and innovation. It is our complete pleasure to facilitate such a fantastic, artistic mind and expression of bombastic works. There is no pigeonholing this man’s art.” Melk En Honing was recorded at Nodeferatus lair in North Shore, LA.