Bong-Ra Vs Gore Tech Vs Author & Punisher (STX)
Sonic Terror Recordings

From the ashes of the 2000s rises the iconic sonic terror recordings, a notable zenith in the world of Industrial and breakcore during the last 20 years. At the helm of this operation is Lynn Standafer of Enduser, Blood of heroes and Iamthesun.

Returning in 2014 with label mate NLIC operating out of New Orleans in the deep south of USA, with their first release in over a 5 years.

Presenting, Bong Ra Vs Gore Tech Vs Author & Punisher, released as a 4 track 12″ vinyl, this material takes Gore Tech and Bong Ra into shredding and rebuilding the work of master American industrial machine tamer Tristan Stone (Author and Punisher). Creating a titanic battle of neo-industrial Doom, Breakcore and Drum and Bass into interesting realms of subsonic tube amp fusions.

Distributed by Triple Vision.

To listen to the promotional mixtape mixed by Bong Ra.
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released 16 May 2014

All Music Written And Recorded By Tristan Stone (Author & Punisher)
Remixed and Rebuilt by Jason Kohnen (Bong Ra) and Gore Tech

Mastered by Stazma the Junglechrist
Artwork by Jakob Figo
Typography and Layout by Jason Kohnen and Gore Tech

Sonic Terror Recordings