It’s here: A&P covers Ejaculoid’s “FEARCE” on this special release of the comic, Wuvable Oaf, entitled Oafanthology. The track is part of a 7-inch split with LA based @Harassor! The layout and artwork are beautiful, please check it out! Purchase here:

Review by Aquarius Records:

Aquarius Records (SF) review:

AUTHOR & PUNISHER / HARASSOR Fearce (Goteblud) split 7″

First off, if you don’t know the comic Wuvable Oaf, go track down whatever you can. Right now. There’s a forthcoming compendium, which should gather up most everything, but the individual issues (some of which we still have in stock, just ask) come with all kinds of extras, hand drawn covers, scratch and sniff pages, guitar picks, stickers, paper dolls and even records! By the imaginary bands in the comic!! basically, it’s all about a big hairy guy named Oaf, his failed attempts at finding love, his crazy cats, and his weirdo friends, the comic is silly, and funny, and clever, and hairy and pretty gay, and has lots of music stuff in it too (our own Andee is featured in one issue, as is “Aquarium Records”!!) One of the bands in the comic is the awesomely monikered Ejaculoid, and we’re obviously not the only ones a little bit obsessed with Ejaculoid, as two aQ faves, LA black metal trio Harassor and mad scientist industrial metal instrument builder Author & Punisher, have stepped up to offer their own takes on the Ejaculoid classic “Fearce” (recorded by members of Limp Wrist!), which originally accompanied the Oafanthology collection, but now available on its own…
Author & Punisher transform it into what is essentially an A&P track, a churning industrial pound, processed vocals, thick, grinding rib cage rattling bass, sounding like some weird hybrid of Nine Inch Nails, Ministry and robotic gabber, but slowed down into something malevolent, maniacal and darkly doomy. While Harassor turn the track into a lo-fi grim blast of grunted black buzz, furious blast beats and insectoid riffing, laced with some weird electronic squiggles, and breaking down part way through into a swaggery doomic stomp. So rad! On maroon/grey swirled vinyl, with bad ass Ed Luce artwork, includes a download!

HAILS to aQuarius recOrds & Andee!

Thanks to Ed Luce + Author & Punisher!