Check out the new Terrorbird video directed by Augustine Arredondo with camera work and production help from Marilia Maschion and Tristan Shone, starring Rob Crow (Pinback, Goblin Cock), myself and many others. Enjoy! \m/

Many thanks to all who helped on the Author & Punisher video for the track “Terrorbird”: Augustine Arredondo (Director), Marilia Maschion (Production/Camera), Rob Crow (Actor), Jeni Cheung(Special Effects/Props), @Jenny Fajerman (Props/Makeup), Ti Yana(Costume Design), @Randall Unwin (CRMS UCSD Machine shop!), Matt (Actor), Trisha Maria Berry (Actor), @Brian Grams (Actor), @Jose Navarette (Actor), Charlie Ellis (Actor TERRORBIRD), Judith Pedroza (Lighting/Production), John Paul Arellano (Lighting/Production), Chris Borreson (Props), @Glenna Moran (Props/Costume)