Fresh Sound: CONSUME- a Fresh Sounds and Art Pwr event w/Author & Punisher
Featuring Tristan Shone (musician/live electronics/composer), Clint McCallum (voice/actor), David Medine (live sound and electronics), Jason Ponce (Live video processing), and Rick Snow (creator and orchestration).

Consume places two performers side by side in constant dialogue: one, an actor and vocalist with live video and audio processing who is projected as a large, almost superhuman being; the other, a musician, performing voice and live electronics on custom high tech devices. At its most basic level, Consume exists as a meditation on (among other things) the roll of technology in our lives, musical and theatrical experimentation, visual and sonic suggestion, and the idea of the audience as a consumer. The performance is as sonically and visually beautiful as it is completely overwhelming, pushing the limits of what one can consume in one sitting as an audience.

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